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20 Photos you think Photoshop but actually Not

1. The runway of Saint Martin airport starts right beside Maho beach (in the Caribbean island of Saint Martin).

2. This Jeep left an icy ghost behind when it drove away.

3. Okay so it’s not a flying whale, but it’s a pretty awesome balloon at Sydney, Australia’s Festival of the Winds.

4. Terrifying sea monster? Nope, just giant algae.

5. He’s not wearing a jumper and socks, he’s a zebra-pony hybrid, or a zebroid.

6. People paddling canoes through the dense water hyacinth growing on Egypt’s River Nile.

7. This is the world-famous drain (really) of Ladybower Reservoir in England.

8. Just a guy who caught a 33lb, bright orange carp in the south of France.

9. This is what an earthquake did to a New Zealand railway line.

10. A husky walking on water…; we mean out for a stroll on an icy lake.

11. Looks like a Surrealist painting, but actually it’s a pole that didn’t burn all the way to the top.

12. This guy’s just hanging out in an aquarium within an elevator shaft (along with around 1,500 fish).

13. And this is the astonishingly pretty Glass Beach in California.

14. These soldiers are marching so, so perfectly.

15. The Sun Cruise Hotel in South Korea looking like a recent tidal wave victim.

16. A hibiscus flower blooming on Sumatra Island after a volcanic eruption covered everything in ash.

17. This is SAIL Amsterdam, the largest free nautical event in the world.

18. This room has mirrors on the ceiling, floor and walls — spot the transparent furniture.

19. Just a baby turtle hitchin’ a ride on a jellyfish.

20. And this pilot enjoys sunrise in his “office” 35,000 feet above the Indian Ocean.

Some awesome pics of real world that shows photoshop is not necessary every time. Hope you like.

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